Two wheels are enough for these Aston Martin and Maserati racers

Two car manufacturing powerhouses, Aston Martin and Maserati, have teamed up with bicycle manufac- tures Storck and Montante Cicli to create a new generation of bicycles. While Aston Martin and Storck have focused on a limited-edition model of the Fascenario, Maserati and Montante Cicli have set out to produce six models separated into two collections — sport and heritage. Both compa- nies have focused on melding each of their storied histories with today’s technology and have set produc- tion numbers relatively low. After the Fascernario debuted in London earlier this month and the sport and heritage models premiered last week in Milan, more and more Aston Martins and Maseratis are bound to pop up all over the Continent in the upcoming months. Photos: Aston Martin and Montante Cicli hps:// masera-racers