Una storia che ha inizio con il Giro d 'Italia del 1909

Montante: a destiny within a name
On 7th November 1908, Calogero Montante was born in Serradifalco, a small town in the middle of Sicily, surrounded by a unique landscape where the colours of olive trees, almond trees and wheat give life to one of the most breathtaking views of typical Sicilian landscape. His life seemed immediately marked by a series of events that followed its birth. Just a few months later, the 13th May 1909, in Milan, started the first Giro d’Italia (Tour of Italy), organized by the “Gazzetta dello sport” (a sport newspaper). This event, though seemingly far away from our protagonist, marked his life deeply. We are in the Twenties, years with strong passions, years that contained talents and events that have marked for better or for worse the Twentieth century. It’s in those years that Calogero Montante began his entrepreneurial journey. Calogero Montante has a remarkable talent, he is led to the mechanics and he is fond of bikes. At the age of 18 he begins his journey: he built his first bike. .
Che la Storia abbia inizio!
The entrepreneurial genius
Behind every bike there is always a story that is worthwhile telling. It is almost always connected to the history of a passion. The one of Cicli Montante and of its founder Calogero is a fascinating history. It tells the story of a man that, from a small town in the heart of Sicily, Serradifalco, in the 20's, driven by his passion for cycling and bikes, began his entrepreneurial journey and founded the Montante Cicli, artisan company that produces bicycles so robust and functional that, in a short time, with a strong reputation for quality and reliability of a bike, started to equip the departments of the « Reale Arma dei Carabinieri » , of the PS and all noble royal houses. The bikes become in a few time luxury items and the most wealthy want to collect the Montante bikes. So Calogero Montante produces custom-made bikes, that he makes ad hoc on the basis of specific requests of customers. From his earliest models and he shows love for work, attention to style, intuition and a taste that will make him a landmark in the bicycle market. His bikes with lift will be used for relocations, bicycles for transportation of meat, the mobile workshops, always mounted on bicycles, for the repairs of bicycles, the tandem called Montantem (now revived), the race bikes, the city bikes, all in accordance with the specific demands of their customers.